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About Us



  • African Mechanical and Superlift Limited (AMSL) was founded in 2008.
  • In this short period, AMSL has executed numerous projects in Republic of Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) in the areas like Smelter, Refinery, Concentrator, Sulphuric Acid plants, WTP and Tail Leaching Plants as well as Annual Maintenance Contract in the Smelters, TLP & Concentrator plants.
  • Our expertise is in Civil Works, Heavy and Medium structural steel fabrication, Mechanical Equipment Erection (including tall & heavy equipment in single-piece), fabrication / erection of large scale piping in CS, SS, Alloys, HDPE, PP, GRP & FRP, & Small & Large diameter tanks in the Mining and other Sectors.
  • Since 2009 AMSL have taken up Annual Plant operation & maintenance contracts in the areas like Concentrator, Smelter, Tail Leaching Plant and other associated plant services g. Sulphuric Acid Plant, DM Water Plant, Oxygen Plant, ETP, etc on continuous basis.
  • Having executed many projects on EPC basis AMSL is ready and keen to undertake such EPC Contract in future in the Mining Industries and other Industries.
  • AMSL is accomplished with international standards of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality to client’s satisfaction.
  • AMSL is confident in offering following services:
  • We own Heavy lift equipment, Earth moving equipment and Concrete construction machinery for Construction work and hiring. EPC Contracts for Structurals, Piping, Pipelines, Conveyors etc as well as offering construction services covering following expertise
  • Large scale piping & structural – Design, supply fabrication and erection.
  • Heavy equipment erection.
  • Design and Installation of Large dia. Storage Tanks in Mildsteel, Stainless steel and concrete.
  • Design, Procurement and Installation of Belt conveyor systems.
  • Fabrication & erection of refinery, oil processing, fertilizers, petrochemicals.
  • Civil construction works including, road works, bridges, plant equipment foundations, stock piles, concrete tanks, housing complexes, heavy duty workshops, plant access roads etc.
  • Operation and Annual plant maintenance works (includes, Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation etc.)
  • Annual manpower hiring contracts.
  • Plant revamping & shut down works.
  • Refractory tiling works.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation construction works for different plants.
  • Painting and Insulation works.
  • Sheeting works.

“A journey in Africa to achieve new bench marks in quality, safety, efficient operational techniques & work ethics”


  • To rise on every occasion withCONFIDENCE, CAPABILITY & COMPETENCE


  • Sustain Client’s faith & confidence.
  • Provide work environment, characterized by Trust, Enthusiasm & Team Spirit, for our people.
  • Our belief is that all accidents are preventable & hence are committed to achieve & sustain
  • ZERO ACCIDENT PERFORMANCE through continuous improvement in work practices:
  • We commit Safety protection of & Safe working practices by all employees
  • IDENTITY HAZARDS, analyse RISKS thereof and revise / improve existing procedures & practises as necessary.
    Conduct SAFETY RULES & REGULATIONS awareness for all new corners / employees. Conduct daily Tool Box Talk, weekly SAFETY MEETINGS, EMERGENCY EVACUATION MOCK Drills.
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) & clothing specified in Manual & policy are compulsory and punishable if not strictly adhered to Establishment of SAFE EMERGENCY EVACUATION Plan system.Conduct Mock Drills to practice same.
  • Only certified erection equipments and other tools & tackles by competent persons & as per manufacturer’s recommendations shall be used.
    Implementation of work permit system for critical activities like: hot work, working at height, work in confined space, scaffolding, surface preparation & radio active exposer.
  • Reporting of Incidents as well as any other slips on regular basis to higher management & Client.
  • Make available Material Safety data sheets for all hazardous materials. Conduct training / discussion for proper & safe handling of material

Our intension is to establish, implement and maintain good quality system at their project sites aimed at continual improvement through a centralized dedicated Quality Management.

Quality assurance measures are formulated in accordance with guide lines given in ISO 9001:2008, as well as with companies well defined Quality Assurance Plan & Quality manual. In addition, Client’s QA Policy & norms for specific projects are followed strictly.

Quality control at each job sites is executed by assigning a dedicated and full time QA team, headed by an experienced Quality Manager.
Constant interaction with Client’s Quality representative and / or Third Party Inspection agency (if deployed) are maintained throughout the job execution.

We identify quality standards, expectation of customers, the project, organization and define customer and project goals, quality standards, critical success factors and outline acceptance criteria for project deliverables and performance.

We develop team for identifying quality standards throughout the project to improve processes.

Repeatedly worked under stringent quality inspection by Third Party Inspection Agencies e.g. LRIS, TUV, BV etc

We analyze quality data, document opportunities for improvement and apply what was learned from quality analysis to eliminate gaps between current and desired levels of performance.

Health & Environment protection is a prime concern of our company. We reiterate our intention to establish, implement & maintain a good construction site in terms of Health & Environment system to achieve the following goals.

Ensure provision of a safe, healthy work place to eliminate hazards, which may cause any injury to employee and damage to plant and machinery.

Develop safe procedures and practices to identify, assess and eliminate hazards in the working place. Periodically review and update the same for continuous improvement of the HSE system.

Evolve clear system of reporting of hazards, accidents and other health related problems to concerned authorities, ensuring corrective, preventive actions.

Involve employees in safety needs and awareness through communication and practices so as to implement company policy. Maintain good housekeeping and orderliness. Minimize adverse impact on environment, Consumption of resources and waste through adoption of better practice and technology.

Compliance with all relevent statutory Rules & regulations and clients requirement on HSE.

Periodic internal/external audits of procedure and practices required for safe construction sites.